United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)


U.A.E. is a composition of seven emirates, which came together in 1971 to form one united country, but for travelers U.A.E. means only Dubai, which has the world’s fastest growing economy. All emirates of U.A.E have different characteristics, with Dubai  being the blend of  Arab and western culture, to Abu Dhabi being more cultural and wealthiest Emirate. While visiting U.A.E you can experience  the flavor of  both rich Arabs and also still vibrant Bedouin culture.


Tips for travelers:

Money Exchange: It is advisable to exchange your money at money exchange centers, bank or ATM.

Avoid public display of affection:  Being Muslim country PDA’S  considered offensive in U.A.E.

Alcohol: You are not allowed to consume alcohol in public place, to obtain liquor in Dubai you need licence for that thought having liquor in private is fine.

Medical insurance: It is highly recommended to have medical insurance.

Ideal time to visit: The best time to visit U.A.E. is between November to April, you can enjoy most activities during this period. January is the ideal time for shoppers, with Dubai shopping festival at full swing you can expect some crazy deals.

Photography: To avoid getting into trouble never ever click any local or Muslim lady without permission, else you might land up in jail.

Drugs and prescriptions: Consumption or trafficking of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited, it is a crime and if you got caught with illegal drugs you will be behind bars. Always carry you medicine prescriptions as some you are not allowed to carry certain drugs in UAE.

Crime & Safety: U.A.E is very safe place to travel even at night, it is said to be one of the safest place in world. Very very few crimes occur here, and if it does the police take quick action.


U.A.E. Visa Guide

Destination Guide to U.A.E. :


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