Visa to enter U.A.E. depends on various factors such as nationality, type of visit and duration of your visit.

You can check at the U.A.E. consulate site whether you need visa or not.

Indians do require visa to enter U.A.E. Following documents are required for U.A.E visa:

  1. Sponsor document:

You can get the sponsor document from hotels, many tour companies also help in providing visa for U.A.E. at a reasonable cost.

If any of your relative or friends is already in U.A.E, they can apply on your behalf.

  1. Clear Passport copy of the sponsored person.
  2. Travel insurance.
  3. Proof of family relation (in case your family is sponsor of your visa).
  4. Proof of your confirmed airline reservation.
  5. One passport size photograph colored and clear with 80% of face clearly visible.


Note: According to new U.A.E. visa rules the tourist visa cannot be extended.