You asked: Do UK citizens need a visa for Uzbekistan?

How much is Uzbekistan visa from UK?

Standard – opting for this processing time means that your visa will arrive via e-mail within 5 business days. It is the cheapest option you have. It costs only $40.

Can you go to Uzbekistan without a visa?

Visas: All U.S. citizen travelers must possess a valid Uzbek visa and a valid U.S. passport. Visitors may not enter Uzbekistan with a valid Uzbek visa in a canceled or expired U.S. passport, even if they present another valid U.S. passport at the port of entry. … Visas CANNOT be obtained upon arrival at Uzbek airports.

Who can enter Uzbekistan without visa?

Citizens of the following countries and territories can visit Uzbekistan without a visa:

  • 90 days. Armenia. Azerbaijan. Belarus. Georgia. Kazakhstan. …
  • 60 days. Kyrgyzstan.
  • 30 days. All European Union citizens. Andorra. Antigua and Barbuda. Argentina. Australia. …
  • 10 days, for residents arriving via air only. China. Hong Kong. Macao. Bahrain.

Can I get visa on arrival in Uzbekistan?

The Uzbekistan visa on arrival is available for all those passport holders that have a Visa Confirmation (stamp) issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan. … Plus, the disadvantage of an Uzbekistan visa on arrival is that you can get one only at the Tashkent International Airport.

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How do I get to Uzbekistan from UK?

Getting there

You can fly from London Heathrow direct to the capital Tashkent with Uzbekistan Airways. Turkish Airlines flies via Istanbul from both Heathrow and Gatwick, and they also operate a one-stop flight from Manchester to Tashkent.

Does Uzbekistan require quarantine?

Arriving passengers must complete a health screening form upon arrival. Arriving passengers who do not have a negative PCR test prior to travel will be subject to a rapid screening test at the airport. Passengers with positive results will be required to go to a quarantine facility.

Do EU citizens need a visa for Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan has one too. As a result, the citizens of certain countries are allowed to enter Uzbekistan without a visa. All they need is a passport. … That is why there are three categories of visa-free countries for Uzbekistan: 30-days stay, 60 days, and the 90-day stay.

Do UK citizens need a visa for Tajikistan?

British nationals require a visa before travel. The Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in London offers an online e-visa service. Tourist visas are valid for a period of up to 45 days. … You can also get a permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Office of Visas and Registrations once in Tajikistan.

How can I get Uzbekistan nationality?

The conditions for granting citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan are the following:

  1. refusal of foreign citizenship;
  2. permanent residence in the territory of the Republic of. …
  3. availability of lawful sources of livelihood;
  4. recognition and adherence to the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.