What is the sentence of attraction?

What is a sentence of attracted?

She is attracted to you. From childhood, he was attracted to spirituality. She is always attracted to the wrong sort of men. I was attracted by the charm of her personality.

What is the example of attraction?

The definition of attraction is the act of enticing someone or something or a person or thing that entices. Two people who are drawn to each others looks are an example of people experiencing an attraction. A ride at an amusement park is an example of an attraction.

How do you use tourist attractions in a sentence?

tourist attraction in a sentence

  1. Paris also boasts a new tourist attraction : the Stade de France.
  2. The site was turned into a tourist attraction 45 years ago.
  3. The Museums are one of the top tourist attractions in Italy.
  4. Gondola rides in Venice have always been a popular tourist attraction.

How do you use attractive in a sentence?

Attractive sentence example. She not only looked more attractive , but also felt more attractive . They made an attractive couple, both so sophisticated in appearance. She carefully laid out the food in an attractive manner and retired to the kitchen.

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How do you use attention in a sentence?

Examples of attention in a Sentence

We focused our attention on this particular poem. My attention wasn’t really on the game. You need to pay more attention in school. She likes all the attention she is getting from the media.

What is attraction answer?

1a : the act, process, or power of attracting. b : personal charm. 2 : the action or power of drawing forth a response : an attractive quality. 3 : a force acting mutually between particles of matter, tending to draw them together, and resisting their separation.

Is love an attraction?

Love and attraction are two terms that are quite confusing. … Both love and attractions are related to each other yet different in many ways. Attraction or infatuation is short-lived however, love is long-lasting. Liking someone is a human nature and you cannot resist that feeling.

What is the attracted?

transitive verb. : to cause to approach or adhere: such as. a : to pull to or draw toward oneself or itself A magnet attracts iron. b : to draw by appeal to natural or excited interest, emotion, or aesthetic sense : entice attract attention The museum attracts visitors. intransitive verb.

How can I use make in a sentence?

Make sentence example

  • Drowning your sorrows in eggnog will only make you feel worse in the long run. …
  • That does make sense. …
  • You make a difference. …
  • Did you make any real progress? …
  • They didn’t make it to the restaurant. …
  • It shouldn’t make any difference if he’s adopted.

Is Touristic an English word?

Google Ngrams shows results for the English spelling “touristic” under three foreign European languages besides English but shows results for “touristy” only for English.

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What is the sentence of vacation?

The children are on summer vacation.” “We need a little vacation.” “We go on a family vacation once a year.” “Hawaii is my dream vacation.”