How many Chinese tourists travel abroad annually?

How many Chinese people travel around the world?

In 2019, of 169 million Chinese outbound travelers, 100 million were to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, 69 million to the rest of the world, according to figures from the National Bureau of Statistics of China.

What percentage of Chinese tourists visit Europe each year?

Outside of Asian countries, which are very popular among outbound tourists from China, one of the primary destinations for Chinese tourists traveling abroad is the European continent. In 2019, around 28 percent of tourists traveling abroad from China visited Europe.

What countries do Chinese visit the most?

Thailand, Japan and Vietnam are the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists (based on online bookings data).

Destinations of international trips.

Ranking Country
1. Thailand
2. Japan
3. Vietnam
4. Singapore

How many American tourists visit China each year?

China as a Source of Tourists

Top Five Global Sources of Travelers (2018)
Country Number of Travelers (Millions)
China 148.7
Germany 108.5
United States 92.6

Where do Chinese travel the most in Europe?

Over the course of 2018, the top three EU destinations in terms of volume of Chinese arrivals were the UK ( +2.4%), Germany (+2.6%) and France (+7.7%). The three most growing destinations were Croatia (+45.7%), Estonia (+35.8%) and Hungary (+25.1%).

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How many tourists visit Europe annually?

After peaking at over 746 million in 2019, international arrivals in Europe decreased to around 236 million in 2020. That year, Europe was the region with the highest number of international tourist arrivals worldwide.

How much do Chinese tourists spend in France?

In 2018, 2.2 million Chinese tourists visited France and spent a total of 4 billion euros ($4.58 billion). In 2019, more than 2.4 million Chinese traveled to France.

What countries are allowing Chinese tourists?

Countries which allow Chinese visitors to enter without the need to go into quarantine on arrival are as of August 17th): Albania, Bermuda, Brazil, Cyprus, Dominica, Dominican Republic, French Polynesia, Jamaica, Kenya, Lebanon, Maldives, Malta, Montenegro, Nepal, Northern Macedonia, Ruanda, Serbia, Seychelles, St.