Hey, Folks, we are back with our third edition of Travel Interview. This time we interviewed Indu. She is a travel inspiration for me, she quit her high paying job to fulfill her dream, to travel seven continents, & her most epic journey was to her seventh continent Antarctica. So let’s have a quick chat with her.


Introduce yourself and your blog 

Journalist by profession and traveler by passion.

Every time, when I traveled to a new destination, my friends would want to hear my travel tale. After my Mt Everest Base Camp Trek in the year 2015, they pushed me to document my rich experience. That is how the idea of my travel blog germinated and I launched my travel blog in May 2015.

You can know more about me

Your very first travel memory?

My first outbound travel was to Malaysia & many anxious moments. More so as I was at Delhi airport to board the flight and my travel agent was yet to handover my visa and travel documents. Though all got done at last moment and I happily boarded my flight.

Was it easy for you to quit your high paying job for traveling? Have you ever regretted? 

I would not say easy or difficult. In fact, I was earning heavily and investing wisely for the sole purpose of my travels. When I found I had enough to fulfill my travel dreams I quit the job.  I never regretted quitting.

Do you feel Solo travel is safe being a woman? Any challenge that you faced as a solo female traveler?

There are few aspects of traveling solo: – one finds hard traveling alone as fear for lonely feeling.

In my case, being a journalist I had always been traveling alone extensively, though that was purely for professional purpose. So I was used to it.

One thinks traveling solo may be unsafe. Yes, it may be unsafe in certain conditions so one should avoid or be cautious in undesirable conditions, even harder traveling solo as a woman.

It may be but I have been fearless and well researched on the destination I travel to.

If not traveling what else you do?

I do travel-related research & creative activities.

Which adventure do you recall being the toughest?

Final climbing moments at Mt Kilimanjaro at an altitude of more than 18500 ft during night climb.

Do you prefer to stay with local like couch surfing, or you prefer staying at Hostels or Airbnb?

Though I have been staying differently from time to time right from luxury stays to five stars hotels to hostels but I have not tried couch surfing yet. But I really enjoyed local feel at hostels.

Have you ever received any sponsored trip?

I have not tried till now. I just plan as per my liking and move, all of my savings.

Every traveler dream of traveling to Antartica, was it easy for you to plan a trip to this epic journey of yours?

Travel to all seven continents was my goal of life. And Antarctica was my seventh continent. But very pricey too.

Further, the expedition ship to Antarctica sails from Argentina and embassy in Delhi, where I reside in India, were utterly surprised seeing me traveling to Antarctica on self-funding.

My Antartica Odyssey

What’s your dream destination you haven’t visited yet?

Tracking gorillas in Africa.

Describe yourself in three words?

Traveler. Adventurer. Explorer.

What is Your favorite thing about traveling?

Exploring new Worldwide (places, culture etc.)

Which country are you planning to visit next?

Perhaps Vietnam.

Your Favorite Travel quote

 ” Travels done to explore and assimilate, fulfill you intellectually. “

(this is my own quote about travels as I perceive)


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