First Pegasus Airline experience from Dubai to Turkey

For the sake of traveling more and at lower cost we try to cut down our costing as much as we can, so we decided to go by Pegasus airline, which is a low-cost Turkish carrier airline, ticket to Istanbul was so cheap than other airlines, that we couldn’t stop ourselves from booking it, but this airline is the perfect example of giving you service what you really paid for. So here is my first experience with Pegasus airline:



Flight interior


Let us tell you first, we took Pegasus airline from Dubai-Istanbul, Istanbul- Izmir, Izmir – Istanbul – Dubai,

Not even the single flight was on time, all the four flights departed late, but the arrival was always on time which saved us from spending a long time in flight, except the one from Izmir to Istanbul which departed approx. 1 hr late. And arrived late for 45 mins & therefore we need to rush fast in order to catch the next flight from Istanbul to Dubai.

Space & seating:

The interior was not clean at all, and you could feel some smell inside airline & seat were very uncomfortable, there was no leg space, so if you have long legs, try to take aisle seat which might help you to stretch your legs sideways.

No leg space as you see

No leg space as you see

Entertainment system:

There was no in-flight entertainment system.


Food is available on a flight for buying since it is a low budget flight, you will even have to buy water which will cost you around 1.25 euros for a 250 ml bottle.

All safety related details on back of the seat

All safety related details on back of the seat


  •  In case you really like to have an in-flight meal, the best option is to book meal online while booking your flight via fly Pegasus website, which will offer you a discount while booking online.
  •  If you are planning to pay by credit cards note that not all credit cards work. so always carry some small cash), carry some chocolate and small eatable which will be cheaper as well.

To sum up we will again fly through Pegasus despite its drawback since its very budget friendly.