Technology plays a vital role in improving our lifestyle, but there are still many travelers who are stuck and follow the styles of the last century. We print hard copies of our tickets and reservation vouchers, directions, and at times even itineraries. There are still some exceptions who are so tech savvy that they will depend on technology for everything they do. The mobile travel apps and gadgets help us to prevent pitfalls and shortcomings in our travel itinerary that help us make our travel conveniently and without any hassles. A well-planned, the scheduled course can help us execute our plans flawlessly. This will helps us enjoy our destination to its maximum capability and take back home a bag full of cherished memories.

If the great Emirate, Dubai is on your travel list, the following mobile travel apps and gadgets will set the whole itinerary for you. These mobile apps are designed with smart travel planning tools that plan your itinerary based on your requirements, and the time available on hand.


Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina

Backed by cutting-edge technologies and creative design, this is one of the leading travel service providers in the Dubai Emirate renowned for their exemplary customer service and best value pricing. Indulge in the mesmerizing Dhow Cruise experience along the Dubai shores under the moonlit sky. The Dhow Cruise Dubai app also offers incredible sightseeing options for both individuals and groups. Be it celebrating a birthday or any special occasion or even corporate events; the BookDhowCruiseDubai offers several reasonably priced packages for Dubai Dhow Cruise tours on the Dubai Creek and the Dubai Marina. Click the right deal, and get pocket-friendly deals as well for the budget travelers.

Specialty of BookDhowCruiseDubai

The Dhow is a traditional Arabian boat reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the Emirate. The ambiance in this ancient boat is worth every penny you spend. Once in a lifetime experience that creates magical moments. They are one of the reliable and qualified companies that offer this incredible experience. Strolling on this old boat along the Dubai shores, either the Creek or the Marina will give you several memories to cherish. Browse through the lit skyline and the picturesque city landscape, as you enjoy gourmet meals, unlimited refreshments, coupled with live entertainment, and much more. With several decades of experience of arranging Dhow cruises, the staff is friendly and understands the nitty gritty of how things work here. You can rest assured for an unparalleled and captivating experience on the Dhow.

Combos on offer

Dhow Cruise – Dubai City Tour: This tour helps you browse through the major attractions in Dubai and uncover the hidden gems with the antique Dhow Cruise. This tour is ideal for travelers for whom time is a luxury.

Dhow Cruise Dinner  – Dubai Creek: Enjoy the fabulous ambiance of the Dubai Creek as you immerse in the vibrant charm and elegance of the surrounding. The tour helps you uncover the best of Dubai from the shores. Wind up your trip with a delightful gourmet dinner that would tantalize your taste buds.

Desert Safari – Dhow Cruise: The Desert Safari gives you instant access to the unique cultural heritage of the Emirate. One of the best ways to browse through the offerings of Dubai is to book a value-added package that features both the Desert Safari and the Dhow Cruise.

Dubai Dessert Safari- Tanoura Dancing

Dhow Cruise Dinner – Dubai Marina: The Dubai Marina is the modern take on the glitzy and glamorous Dubai circuit. A luxurious look at the Dubai city that will relax your moods as you witness the contemporary architectural marvels in the city. A delicious culinary treat awaits you coupled with plenty of live entertainment and fun.

Old Dubai view From Dhow Cruise

Old Dubai view From Dhow Cruise

Dhow Charter for special occasions: There are special events hosted on the Dhow Cruise across both the Dubai Creek and the Dubai Marina. With each tour you witness the captivating facet of Dubai, private parties on the shores is an excellent way to grace a special occasion.

Musandam – Dibba Tour: There are also tours featuring the Musandam and Dibba Tour where you uncover a completely different pace of life. Experience the complete makeover of the busy city life and relax in the laid-back atmosphere.

Travel Gadgets

Some of the travel gadgets are just too cool to be missed out. Many add the extra convenience to the experiences, although many travel apps around the world have adopted most of them. The smart tools that form a vital element of your every journey have continuously changed the way travelers observe the world’s prettiest tourist destinations. Gadgets like the digital camera or a beach mat or a beach tote or a vintage bag, pack or even a Go-Pro is an absolute necessity. They help you give life to the fascinating travel experiences. Whereas other gadgets like a steam iron, beach flippers, travel vacuum cleaner, suntan, and much more add the extra layer of comfort in your trip to make you feel at home.

Dubai Visa

A travel company specializing in visa processes. This company guides travelers and visitors apply for a Dubai visa for leisure and business. People all over the world can use this app. Available on both the Android and iOS platform, this app helps in providing a transparent and hassle-free visa process online. With an up to date information about the visa process and immigration guidelines, several decades of experience of handling complicated visa cases, and a customer base of high stature, Dubai Visa app is the perfect partner for all your visa aspirations. Browse through various categories, eligibility criteria, and documents required for your visa – all available at a click of a button.

Visa packages offered on the Dubai Visa app

Dubai Visa app

Dubai Visa app

With honest feedbacks and expert guidance, the travel experts ensure that travelers cover all checkpoints as they submit the visa applications on behalf of the travelers. No matter what the purpose of your visit, if you want to apply for a Dubai visa, then you do not need to look beyond the Dubai Visa app, this is your one-stop destination for all your visa needs. The various packages offered to the guests feature the following:

Transit Visa: A short layover in Dubai during your travel to other destinations in the world. Well, you need not worry, we have a package that gives you a 96-hour transit visa to browse through the fabulous tourist attractions of the city. Extendable for another 26 days for uncovering the hidden treasures of the city.

14 days Visa: Ideal for travelers looking for a short stay, could be either for leisure or business. Extendable for another 16 more days, the visa gives the traveler a hassle-free guideline for their visa application.

30-day Visa: Visitors can plan their trip to Dubai as they settle with their friends or relatives for a month. Dubai offers a beautiful experience for both first-timers and experienced travelers. This type of visa cannot be extended under any circumstances.

30-day Multiple Entry Visa: This visa is undertaken mostly by business travelers who wish to enter and leave Dubai a couple of times within a month.

90-day Visa: Enjoy the fabulous culture and browse through the incredible attractions as you apply for a 90-day extended Dubai visa. This authorized permit gives you sufficient time to explore every corner of Dubai at your own pace.

90-Day Multiple Entry Visa: This visa entitles you to visit and leave Dubai convenient multiple times within the 90-day duration. This visa permits you to enter Dubai several times without going through the hassle of applying for a visa each time. The duration cannot be further extended.

The travel apps and gadgets to help you uncover the hidden secrets of the Dubai Emirate. So what are you still waiting for? Download the app, and get set go.


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