Georgia is one of the beautiful country lay in the Caucasus regions. The most awesome component of Georgia is its diverse landscapes encompassing the Grand Caucasus region, which is sprung from the west by the coast of Black sea to the shores of the Caspian Sea on its east, from the snowy summit of mount Shkhara to the lush green valley. Georgia unique positioning is set at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

Georgians have a saying, When God was distributing land to all the people in the world to live, Georgians were busy drinking wine, and as a solution they came late, so God was angry and asked them,” why you are late?, now I have no land left for you”. To which Georgians replied, “We were drinking for your good health”, the God was satisfied with their answer and decided to give them the small piece of land he saved for himself. The beauty of the country caused me to believe they’re saying, in such a small country you can see the unique landscapes as you move from one position to some other.

I will like tho call this a “Heaven”

The country has been into recently gaining attention due to its ancient wine making tradition; but wine is not only the reason to visit this country, it delivers some unique culture, beautiful landscapes, & some amazing food to drool over. Our 12 day trip to this captivating country has yielded us a slight insight of Georgia, with ease in visa rule, this country should be in must visit list for budget backpackers which will enable them to move with less insistence on their pocket.

Our first opinion about Georgia is that it is really relaxed and laid back, Georgians live life to its fullest, without caring about tomorrow, whereas Indians as before long as we wake up we start worrying and running.

Here are a few facts and guides about Georgia, which will be helpful while you are visiting Georgia:

Visa: Georgia has granted visa free entry to most of the nations & nationalities with different visa permit. We were given a 3 month free visit visa to Georgia since we were holding U.A.E. Residence permit, which helped us save our cost and time.

Currency: Georgia official currency is Georgian Lari (GEL)

Georgian Lari

Local Sim: Acquiring a Local Sim is easy and very much needed, particularly as you tend to face a language problem there. You can easily get local Sim at airports, and most of them comes to the validity of 15 days, with good rates & packages.

Language: Language spoken in Georgia is Georgian (which is their own Language), most of the locals also speak and read Russian as they were under Soviet rule until 1991, you may find very few speak English, especially the youthful generation.

Safety: During our 12 day trip to Georgia, I can pronounce the country is pretty much safe; we never faced any issue or suspicious thing which made us feel insecure, having said this, there are certain precaution which should be occupied while one is visiting any country and so is with Georgia.

People: Georgians are most friendly and hospitable people we got across, they love to talk and interact and love helping each other.

Captured them while they were busy playing

Exchange: Different places in Georgia have different exchange rates we found the best rates in Tbilisi and Kutaisi, while we were ripped away in the Batumi Boulevard area providing with the worst exchange rate.

Budget: Georgia is one relatively very cheap country, comparing it to its neighboring countries. It is one of the destinations which is on its verge of attracting tourist by making free visa rules, I just fell in love with this country, with amazingly cheap wine and delicious food which doesn’t put strain on your sack.

Transportation: In recent times Georgia has produced a vast ways of transportation, particularly in the major cities like Tbilisi, we have examined all forms of transportation in Georgia especially Marshrutkas (mini buses), which is one of the most adventurous ones. Within Tbilisi you can move around by Bus, cab, metro, there are funicular & you can even hire a bike. To move from one metropolis to another the cheapest room is by Marshrutkas, it may be sort of uncomfortable sometimes, but it also depends on which place you choose to sit, since the best seats are already occupied.

From Batumi to Tbilisi we traveled by Metro Bus which was easy and didn’t cost us a great deal. Taxi is the best way getting around in the urban center, and the fares are relatively cheap, always remember to take the fare before you board a taxi, though I would advise you to utilize the app Taxify, which is just like Uber, and helps you to save from bargaining since the driver can sometimes take more amount than the beat.

Food: Georgian Cuisine is a culinary mix of European & Middle Eastern flavors, though you may find the cuisine with a distinct taste as you travel to different areas of Georgia, but in all I really enjoy the taste of Georgian dishes.

Being Vegetarian there is always biggest doubt about food while traveling to a different nation, but in Georgia though they are meat lovers, but they receive some yummy vegetarian dishes. What I like most about their food is it is a bit on the spicy side (not Indian spicy), if you compare it with other European countries, and also I love that the spices they use are very much like Indian spices which really made it a nice smell and taste. 

Preparing authentic Georgian bread, on our way to “Kakheti region”

Few facts About Georgia:

  1. Georgia is known as the Cradle of wine, due its unique wine making tradition in the world. The wine grapes have been trained in these countries for 8000 years.

    Georgian Grapes at our host house for making homemade wine

  2. It is one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world
  3. Georgia has its own unique alphabet, which are independent alphabets in the world.

    “Georgian Alphabet Tower “in Batumi

  4. One of the first human civilizations outside Africa has been keyed out in Georgia.
  5. The native name of Georgia is “Sakartvelo” and not Georgia.