Why is China a popular tourist destination?

Why China is one of the most visited countries?

Tourism in China is a growing industry that is becoming a significant part of the Chinese economy. … According to Euromonitor International, economic growth and higher incomes in nearby Asian countries will help China to become the world’s number one tourist destination by 2030.

Why is it important to study China?

The study of the Chinese language opens the way to different important fields such as Chinese politics, economy, history or archaeology. … To be at ease and effective in a Chinese environment learning the language is half the battle, but knowing about the culture behind the language is the other.

What was China known for?

Papermaking, printing, gunpowder and the compass – the four great inventions of ancient China-are significant contributions of the Chinese nation to world civilization. China was the first nation to invent paper.

What is unique in China?

Did you know that the Great Wall of China is the only man-made object that could be seen with the human eye from outer space. Gunpowder was first invented by the Chinese for fire crackers which was also first invented by the Chinese. For the past 4,000 years China has been the oldest continuous civilization on earth.

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