Where is the force of attraction located in a bar magnet?

Where does most of the attraction occur in the bar magnet?

In a bar magnet, magnetic attraction is near its ends.

Where is the attraction of the magnet?

All magnets have two poles. When magnets are brought together, a north pole always attracts a south pole, while pairs of like poles repel each other. Bar magnets are the simplest permanent magnets.

In which part of the magnet the force of attraction is maximum?

Hence magnetic force of lines are more crowded at the poles compared to the centre of magnet and hence strength of magnetic field at north and south pole magnet is more compared to centre of magnet. And therefore magnetic force is maximum at both the poles of the magnet compared to the centre of magnet.

Where is the attraction maximum?

The attractive property of a magnet is maximum at north and south poles both.

Where is the force of attraction the strongest on a magnet Quizizz?

Its magnetic field is strongest near its center. It is surrounded by a magnetic field. The north pole is stronger than the south pole.

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