What happens if you travel against Foreign Office advice?

Can I go on holiday if the FCO advises against?

If the Foreign Office advises against “all but essential travel” or “all travel”, you aren’t supposed to go, and this may trigger a refund – see more on refund rights if the Foreign Office warns against travel below. Travelling in defiance of the advice may also invalidate your insurance.

Is my travel insurance valid if I travel against FCO advice?

Ultimately, as a British citizen, travelling into an area which the FCO advises against is likely to invalidate your travel insurance, unless you have taken out a specialist policy such as those offered by Campbell Irvine Direct.

Am I insured if I travel to an amber country?

If you have booked travel to an amber country and the FCDO advises against travel to the destination you will be unable to take out a travel insurance policy. Furthermore if you have taken out insurance for a green destination and it’s been downgraded to amber then your insurance policy will no longer be valid.

Does travel insurance cover Covid quarantine?

Know When Travel Insurance Benefits Kick In for a Quarantine

For example, if you visit a state or a country that has a mandatory quarantine in place upon your arrival, there are no travel insurance benefits to cover any extra costs for quarantining, unless you then test positive for Covid-19 and the plan covers Covid.

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What does FCO travel advice mean?

The purpose of FCO advice is to provide guidance and information to help British nationals make informed decisions about overseas travel. The FCO assesses the risks of incidents including: Natural disasters. Civil unrest.

Will I get a refund if my holiday is on the amber list?

You’re not entitled to a refund if the destination you’re travelling to ends up on the amber list and you cancel your trip. The Government’s traffic light system indicates what countries it deems safe for Brits to travel to and what processes must be followed upon return.

Can I go on holiday to a country on the amber list?

No. While the government is advising against holidaying in any country not on the green list, recreational international travel is no longer illegal in England.