Question: How MIS is helpful in a travel company?

How can the MIS be used in tourism?

MIS helps in planning, management & operational controls, process seamlessness by providing appropriate reports & information. MIS processes data effectively, helping a Hotel / Resort by being more flexible to demand, in understanding its guests needs / behaviors & keeping the costs down.

What are the functions roles of MIS in a tourism company?

Management at the middle level strategy require systems to assist them with evaluation, controlling, administrative activities and decision-making. MIS provide these management levels with reports on performance used to monitor and control the various activities and as well predict future performances.

What is MIS in travel industry?

Impact of Management Information System (MIS) in improving Operating Efficiency of Travel and Tourism Industry.

What makes a travel agency successful?

They Have Excellent Customer Service. Without a doubt, the thing that sets great travel agents apart from other agents (and from online booking sites) is their ability to take care of their clients. … They develop lasting relationships with clients, rather than treating them as another commission check.

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What is the importance of management information system in tourism industry?

This system helps in managing customer data effectively which organizations in tourism & hospitality industry can use to perform various promotional & direct marketing activities. Information provided by MIS helps an organization in management control, transaction processing, strategic planning and operational control.

What is the importance of having information system in tourism industry?

Information systems are used in the tourism industry to enable tourism consumers to identify, customize and acquire tourism services and products. It helps develop, manage and distribute offers to tourism consumers worldwide.

What are the benefits of having MIS in hospitality industry?


  • Facilitate planning for sound decision making.
  • Minimize information overload to avoid unnecessary confusion in the hotel industry.
  • Encourage decentralization for monitoring operations at lower levels.
  • Bring co-ordination to connect all decisions in the organization.

What is information management used for?

The purpose of information management is to: design, develop, manage, and use information with insight and innovation. support decision making and create value for individuals, organizations, communities, and societies.

What is tourism information management?

Tourist information managers and officers manage services that promote and supply information to the general public about local and regional visitor attractions, accommodation, transport, amenities and events.

What is MIS in hospitality industry?

Abstract— Management information system, or MIS, broadly refers to a computer-based system that provides managers with the tools to organize, evaluate, and efficiently manage departments within an organization. … This system can’t operate alone in a hotel because it concentrates mainly on reservation processes.

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What are the strengths of travel agency?

The advantages these companies have include established reputations, extensive knowledge of the industry, and key personnel and management. Some have been in operation for more than twenty years. They are familiar with local service providers and have established strategic relationships.