How long do world tours usually take?

How long is the average world tour?

Depends on their level of success. Huge bands are going to be on the road for a year or more. I’d say your average tour length for your average local band going out on the road would be around 2 weeks at most with 11 or 12 shows. You can tour for as long as you can book shows and don’t run out of money.

How long was the longest World tour?

Was watching Horse the Band Earth Tour which was a “45 countries in 90 days round-the-world tour, all by themselves; it is the most ambitious non-stop tour ever attempted. …

Who has the longest world tour?

Attendance: 3.5million.

  • 3 – AC/DC, Black Ice Tour (2008-10). Gross: $441million. Attendance: 4.8million.
  • 2 – The Rolling Stones, A Bigger Bang Tour! (2005-07). Gross: $558million. Attendance: 4.6million.
  • 1 – U2, 360 Degree Tour (2009-11). Gross: $558million. Attendance: 7million.

What is the fastest sold out concert ever?

2017 Concert (South Korea) — EXO Planet #3 – The ElyXion at Gocheok Sky Dome sold out (66000 tickets) in 0.2 seconds Beating EXO own previous record of 0.4 (67,040 tickets) from their second tour and being the fastest sold-out tour in the world.

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How much does a world tour cost?

1 lakh. Average Flight cost to cover the above: If you book well in advance you take the entire round trip in about Rs. 60,00. This is a good deal if you want to cover five major cities of the world.

What year did BTS disband?

The boy band opted to renew their contract in the fall of 2018 for another seven years. If we only take the length of their contract into account, there shouldn’t be much talk about their potential disbanding until 2025.

How many BTS concerts are there?

BTS has performed in five concert tours, four fan meeting tours, one joint tour, 5 showcases, and 8 concerts.


Title BTS World Tour: Love Yourself
Dates August 25, 2018 – October 29, 2019
Associated album(s) Love Yourself: Her, Tear and Answer Map of the Soul: Persona
Shows 62
Gross $187,523,511+ (38 shows)

What band made the most money?

1. The Beatles — 183 million units.