How do people travel in South Dakota?

Why do people travel to South Dakota?

South Dakota is home to breathtaking landscapes, friendly people and iconic attractions, including Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Crazy Horse Memorial, Badlands National Park, the Missouri River, and much more. It is a state of Great Faces and Great Places and the ideal vacation destination.

What is there to do in South Dakota on a road trip?


  • Wall & Badlands National Park. 55 miles. …
  • Bear Butte State Park & Deadwood. 100 miles. …
  • Mount Rushmore & Custer State Park. 72 miles. …
  • Crazy Horse Memorial, Hill City & Rapid City. 69 miles.

Is it safe to travel through South Dakota?

South Dakota does not have any travel restrictions nor mask mandates in place. If you have any questions or concerns about your trip, we encourage you to contact the Department of Tourism or the city/lodging/attraction that you are visiting.

Is there public transportation in South Dakota?

The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) acts as a facilitator of public and specialized transportation services. … Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5311 grants for rural public transit agencies. FTA 5303, 5304 and 5305 transportation planning in metropolitan areas and states.

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Is I-29 in South Dakota Open?

I-29 is now open from North Sioux City to Sioux Falls. The exact opening is as follows: I-29 is now open from the Iowa border to 2 miles S. of I229 in Sioux Falls-Exit 75.

Is South Dakota expensive to live in?

Living in South Dakota is less expensive than it is on average across the U.S. as a whole. According to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, goods and services in the state cost 12.1% less than they do on average nationwide. Compared with all other states, South Dakota has the sixth lowest overall cost of living.

What should I know before moving to South Dakota?

14 Things You Quickly Learn When You Move To South Dakota

  • Your wallet will have more cash in it from now on. …
  • You’ll enjoy plenty of free music. …
  • You’ll love all the fresh, local produce here. …
  • Chislic is about to become your new favorite food. …
  • The Old West tradition is alive and well in Western South Dakota.

What are the dangers of living in South Dakota?

Here Are The 10 Biggest Risks Living In South Dakota

  • Winter driving can certainly be a bit treacherous. …
  • Wildlife targeting your vehicle, especially in Custer State Park. …
  • Traffic jams on I-90 due to construction. …
  • Getting lost in the woods. …
  • Driving on gravel. …
  • Not being able to laugh off the inaccurate stereotypes.

Can you drive by and see Mount Rushmore?

Drivers can view Mount Rushmore in the distance while passing through three rock tunnels on the 17-mile route.

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What is the best month to visit South Dakota?

Good hotel rates are likely in May and early June, as well as late fall. September and October are both amazing months in South Dakota, especially in the Black Hills. Plenty of fall color, migrating wildlife, and superb temperatures in the 70s (°F) and 60s (°F) make this a great time for outdoor recreation.

How do people spend a week in South Dakota?

There are many different ways to spend one week in South Dakota.

Here are the things you will see on this South Dakota itinerary:

  1. Mount Rushmore.
  2. Crazy Horse Memorial.
  3. Custer State Park.
  4. Badlands National Park.
  5. Wind Cave National Park.
  6. Devils Tower.
  7. Mammoth Site.
  8. Deadwood & Lead.