How do I register a foreign Judgement in Singapore?

How do I prove a foreign Judgement?

Since a foreign judgment is considered a public document under Rule 132 of the Rules of Court, Section 19 in relation to Section 24 thereof requires proof, either by (1) an official publication or (2) a copy attested by the officer having legal custody of the document.

How do you enforce a Judgement in another country?

Enforcement cannot be accomplished by means of letters rogatory in the United States. Under U.S. law, an individual seeking to enforce a foreign judgment, decree or order in this country must file suit before a competent court. The court will determine whether to recognize and enforce the foreign judgment.

What is register foreign judgment?


A foreign judgment is a judgment entered by a court in another state or country. The Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgment Act (UEFJA) can be used for registering any type of foreign order.

How do I enforce a Judgement in Singapore?

Writs of Execution include Writs of Seizure and Sale (“WSS”) of movable and immovable property, Writs of Delivery and Writs of Possession. These writs authorise the Sheriff/Bailiffs (“Sheriff”) of the Supreme Court to enforce unsatisfied judgments.

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Can foreign judgment be enforced domestically?

A recognised foreign judgment can be enforced in India in two ways: enforcement of a judgment from a superior court of a reciprocating territory in the same manner as a decree passed by a domestic district court. … delivery of property specifically decreed, and in some cases arrest (if needed) in enforcement of a decree.

Can I file a case against a foreigner?

Generally in India, the sovereignty of the foreign state or entity is recognized under Section 86 of the Civil Procedure Code. The Section 86 of the Civil Procedure Code has prescribed exceptions, immunity and conditions to foreign nationals or entities under which they can be sued.

What do you mean by foreign judgments?

Section 2(6) of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (CPC) defines a foreign judgement as a judgement of a foreign court. A foreign court is defined by Section 2(5) of the CPC as a court situated outside India and not established or continued by the authority of the Central Government.

What is a foreign judgment lien?

Generally, a “foreign judgment” is one that is rendered in another state or country that is judicially distinct from the state where collection of the judgment is sought. Before a foreign judgment can be enforced, certain requirements must be met.

Can you leave the country if you have a Judgement?

If a U.S. court enters a judgment against you, and you leave the country, your creditors will face significant hurdles in their efforts to enforce the judgement. … If the local court holds up the judgement of the U.S. court, you’ll be subject to collections attempts according to the laws of that country.

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What is a notice of filing of foreign judgment?

The 1964 Foreign Judgment Act allowed the states to enforce a judgment from another state without the expense of litigation. … Entitle this notice document as “NOTICE OF FILING FOREIGN JUDGMENT” and include the affidavit and exemplified copy of the judgment.

What is a foreign order?

Foreign order means an order made by a court of a foreign country, which is made for the purposes of the Conventions or legislation enacted for the purpose of implementing the Conventions and shall include- Sample 1.

What is the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act?

The debtor will have a chance to respond to your judgment, however. If the debtor ignores the notice, you are in luck. … Then you can enforce the judgment through a garnishment, levy, or other attachment of the debtor’s assets.