How can I get Sweden visa from Nigeria?

How much is visa to Sweden from Nigeria?

To apply for the Swedish Residence permit (D/DF), you will also have to pay a fee of 1000 SEK. Depending on your situation, Swedish authorities will allow you to pay this fee online, on location at a visa application centre in Nigeria, or through a bank transfer.

How much does it cost to go to Sweden from Nigeria?

The cheapest way to get from Nigeria to Sweden is to fly which costs $310 – $1,000 and takes 14h 55m. What is the fastest way to get from Nigeria to Sweden? The quickest way to get from Nigeria to Sweden is to fly which costs $400 – $1,300 and takes 10h 25m.

Does Sweden have embassy in Nigeria?

The embassy of Sweden in Abuja is located at 41, T. Y. Danjuma Street (Plot 1520), P.M.B. 569 and can be contacted by telephone on 9 9047 302 as well as by email and The consular section shares location as well as telephone number and email address with the embassy.

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How much bank balance is required for Sweden tourist visa?

Means of subsistence – Proof of sufficient financial means for the period of stay in Sweden. A foreigner who seeks to enter the territory of Sweden must be able to attest possessing 450 SEK or 48.26€/day of stay in Sweden, at the moment applying for a Swedish Visa to the Swedish Embassy or Consulate.

Can Nigerians travel to Sweden?

Regardless of the type of visa, citizens of Nigeria can stay inside the Sweden borders or any other country of the Schengen zone for 90 days within a period of 180 days. Authorities are very strict about the accomplishment of this rule.

What documents do I need to travel to Sweden?

You’ll need a valid national identity card or passport when entering Sweden from another Schengen EU country. A driving licence don’t qualify as a travel document and we recommend that you bring your passport in case you will need to prove your identity.

How many hours is from Nigeria to Sweden?

Distance from Nigeria to Sweden is 5,725 kilometers.

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Nigeria and Sweden is 5,725 km= 3,557 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Nigeria to Sweden, It takes 6.35 hours to arrive.

How long does it take to get Sweden visa after submission in Nigeria?

It takes five weeks, on average, to process a Swedish visit visa. Upon submitting your application, the Swedish embassy will process the application after ten working days.

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Which Schengen visa is easy to get in Nigeria?

Many surveys show that Lithuania, Estonia, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, and Poland are the easiest Schengen visa to get in Nigeria.

How can I study from Nigeria to Sweden?

How to Apply for Sweden Student Visa in Nigeria: Step by Step

  1. Gain admission/gather documents. Apply to be admitted to the school you want to attend in Sweden. …
  2. Book an appointment. Pay the visa application fee. …
  3. Submit application/attend interview. …
  4. Collect your passport.

How much money do I need to show in my bank account for Schengen visa?

Bank statement – this needs to show a minimum balance of €3000 over the last 6 months. If you do not have this amount in your bank, you could show a family member’s/guardian’s statement instead, with an accompanying letter stating that they are sponsoring your travel and stay.

How long can you stay in Sweden without a visa?

EU citizens can stay in Sweden for up to three months without a visa, after which they will have to apply for a residence permit (uppehållstillstånd), which they can get free of charge. Nationals of Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Finland can work and live in Sweden indefinitely.