The autumn season is one of my favorite season; it’s the time of year when nature beautifully paints the tree with golden & red color. The season when winters are approaching & days starts getting shorter.

My first such experienced of autumn beauty was in St Petersburg, Russia, where every pictured I captured looked like a painting. The cold air and temperature around 4 degrees Celsius were hitting my face, but, still, the sunrays passing through those golden leaves were making the whole environment breathtaking.

So here are some amazing pictures of Autumn from around the world, shared by travel bloggers, which will make you fall in love

Burg Eltz (Castle Eltz), Germany

Burg Eltz (Castle Eltz), Germany

Burg Eltz (Castle Eltz) is a medieval castle situated in the Rhineland region of Germany.  It is hidden deep within the hills above the Moselle River between Koblenz and Trier, Germany.  This beautiful castle was built in the 12th century and originally owned by the Eltz family.  Today, a branch of the same family still owns it!  Full tours are available in many languages.  My family absolutely loved it and to date is one of the nicest castles we’ve visited.  Our visit was in October 2016 and it was an excellent time to visit.

Picture courtesy: Jimmy, is from America his blog is where He shares his traveling experience with his family.

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Mount Wilson, Australia

Mount Wilson, Australia

Mount Wilson is a beautiful garden village in the Blue Mountains, around 123 km from Sydney, Australia.  This otherwise quiet heritage site witnesses a flutter of activities during the autumn season, which falls in the month of April. The leaves look fiery in the colors of red, golden and amber tones. The area is surrounded by bushland, lookout points and stunning gardens which are made accessible to the public. Mount Wilson is one of the popular destinations in Sydney to see and admire Fall colors.

Picture courtesy: Rajlakshmi is a software engineer by profession, she enjoys being a Travel & Lifestyle blogger and suffers from a serious condition of wanderlust.

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Kiel, Germany

Kiel, Germany

Kiel is where I call home, also where I first experienced fall in Europe and fell in love with the prettiest season of the year. It is a lovely coastal city on the Baltic sea with gorgeous beaches and unique festivals. Kiel Week (Kieler Woche), the biggest sailing event in the world attracts over three million tourists from all over the world. It is also a perfect destination to enjoy fall, with ships sailing in the backdrop, seagulls soaring high, and the city swathed in various shades and shapes of leaf litter.

Picture Courtesy: Mamta Naidu, a passionate traveler who loves horse riding, writing, photography & trekking in the Himalayas.

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Bad Muskau Castle and National Park, Germany

Spread on both sides of the German-Polish border, the 830-hectare Bad Muskau Park is an exciting destination for the lovers of slow travel and easy hiking. Part of the ‘Palaces and Parks UNESCO Route’, it is made of many small little parks, each with its special geographic personality – from small waterfalls to patches of wood and colorful dahlias surrounding elegant benches, it is during the autumn months when it reveals all its beautiful foliage and seasonal flowers. In the middle of 19th century English gardens, the exquisite red castle is the welcomed reward of a busy hiking day.

Picture Courtesy: Ilana D. Weissz is a travel blogger and freelance writer based in Berlin, Germany.She shares her travel adventures in Germany and abroad.

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Kohka Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

Kohka Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

A breeze so light and a forest so deep. This was the buffer zone of the Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India. We were in search of the elusive big cat but found langoors, peacocks, a couple of jackals and different varieties of birds.We were staying at the Kohka Wilderness Camp in the little village of Kohka where the world moves at another pace. Forests and villages, it’s the place to go when the leaves turn a little yellow for the smaller animals come to the neighborhood waterbody, there is a better sighting of the birds and chances of seeing the big cat are strong. And this is not me saying this–it’s those who have sighted it.

Picture courtesy:  Ambica Gulati, based in India, she has been a travel writer for a decade now. As a journalist with two decades of experience, she has worked with in-flight and travel magazines in senior positions.

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Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium

I love autumn times in my own city Antwerp. When the leaves change colors and start to fall down, that is the moment I put on my warmer and cozy clothes and go for a walk in the Old town with our one towered Cathedral, the big square with the beautiful City Hall and historical houses and our old castle by the water “Het Steen”, the Rock. If you prefer some nature, a walk in our City Park is perfect to breathe in the fresher autumn air and you play with the leaves.

Picture Courtesy:  Jessica, born in Brazil but living in Belgium for 20 years now. Her passion is to explore beautiful Earth by taking trips whenever she can.

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Mount Willard, New Hampshire, USA

Mount Willard, New York, USA

I stay in upstate New York, and Fall is the best season to go outdoors, before the long never-ending winters. This picture is from the fall foliage in the north-eastern USA from the state of New Hampshire, taken from the top of Mount Willard.

Picture Courtesy:  Ashwin Bahulkar, currently He lives in New York, & enjoy traveling solo. He began his solo traveling from the age of 18.

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Raquette Lake, New York, USA

 autumn in Raquette Lake, New York, USA

This photo was shot at Raquette Lake, Upstate New York, in the Adirondacks area. The lake is pretty close to the tiny Sagamore Lake, where Great Camp Sagamore was built from the Durant family. The little cabin that you see over there, hidden in the forest, belongs to yet another Great Camp. The area is in fact full of history because since when the rich families in New York City realized that spending time in the Adirondacks could improve their health, they started to buy land and build vacation places.

The foliage in the Adirondacks is vibrant and it last longer than in other areas of the US East Coast, generally from mid-September to mid-November, so it’s one of our favorite places to go to when we want to enjoy the beauty of Autumn!

Picture Courtesy: Danila Caputo, is an Italian travel writer, with the help of her husband Aldo, videomaker and photographer. She has a bilingual (English/Italian) travel blog, specializing in road trips, the great outdoors and her homeland: Italy!

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Richmond Park, London

Pichmond park

For just a few weeks in autumn, the green leaves of trees and shrubs change color to many shades and some of the best places to see this around London are the many Royal Parks. Richmond Park, in the London Borough of Richmond upon the Thames, a short train ride from Waterloo station. Its landscapes have inspired many famous artists and it has been a location for several films and TV series. If you’re looking for a walk through autumn leaves, this is the spot. Autumn color, deer in the meadow, and vast open spaces of natural woodland. The thing I like best about this park is that you can get lost in it. It’s that big. I love walking in the autumn woods, through the falling leaves and the rustling woods, watching the colors that take your breath away.

Picture Courtesy: Amar Singh, from Uk, He defines himself as a Traveller, foodie & a family man.

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So Guys, which is your favorite Autumn destination?