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Travel at Bullet Speed: Our trip review on Tokaido Shinkansen Hikari train.

  Japan is famous for its high-speed Bullet train network commonly known as “Shinkansen”. We have always wanted to make the experience of Shinkansen as it whisks you around the country at very high velocity.   So our review is based on Tokyo-Kyoto by on Tokaido Shinkansen (Hikari Service) as it was the longest course in our itinerary.   Cost The regular one-way fare from Tokyo to Kyoto is 13,080 yen for non-reserved seats (Hikari Service) and 13,500 yen in reserve category. We had JR Pass and hence just had to make a seat reservation. So I guess, having...

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Blogger Recognition Award!

We are glad to announce for being nominated for a Bloggers Recognition award. We would like to thank both  Vanessa & Aditi for nominating, our blog Roamonurown. Aditi is a traveler and foodie, her blog Lyf&spice is a space where you will find her travel & food related stories. Vanessa is a passionate and adventurous traveler, her blog Wandersmiles, is all about her journey and some offbeat travel. Don’t forget to check out both these blogs. What is a blogger recognition award? This prize is passed to bloggers by other bloggers, who appreciate & recognize their strong work and...

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A perfect day trip To Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the fascinating coastal towns, located in the southwestern Aegean region of Turkey. It is a 20 minutes boat ride from the Greek island of Kos. Once a small fishing village, it is now a very popular hotspot among tourists. Bodrum has a unique appeal that sets it apart from rest of the Turkish seaside getaways. With a marina full of yachts ready to bait in the Mediterranean and picturesque whitewashed houses it serves as a traveler’s delight. Selcuk to Bodrum: We decided to take a day trip to Bodrum from Selcuk, which is only about...

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Interview with Elizabeth from Digital Travel Guru

Hi Fellow Travelers & bloggers, this is our second interview, in our newly introduced interview series. This time we had an opportunity to do an exclusive interview with Elizabeth, from Digital Travel Guru. A blog which ensures its reader to give 360 travel experience, with an exclusive travel guide and travel resources.   Can you tell little about yourself and your background? Hello, I am Elizabeth and I Launched Digital Travel Guru at the end of 2016. I work as a psychiatry in London, UK, which I’ve been doing for approx 20 years. I began traveling as a child...

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Reason we fell in love with Kyoto

Although I am a city person, the countryside has always attracted me. When I decided my travel itinerary to Japan, I planned only 2 days in Kyoto. Trust me, even a month is less to see real Kyoto. Given a choice, I would love to spend my life in Kyoto. A city which is steeped in culture and where the echoes of past can be heard. As soon as you step out of the ultra-modern Kyoto station, you will feel a Zen like calm in the air of Kyoto.   The Reasons which made me fall in Love with...

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