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Travel Interview with Globetrotting Indu

Hey, Folks, we are back with our third edition of Travel Interview. This time we interviewed Indu. She is a travel inspiration for me, she quit her high paying job to fulfill her dream, to travel seven continents, & her most epic journey was to her seventh continent Antarctica. So let’s have a quick chat with her.   Introduce yourself and your blog  Journalist by profession and traveler by passion. Every time, when I traveled to a new destination, my friends would want to hear my travel tale. After my Mt Everest Base Camp Trek in the year 2015, they...

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Beautiful Autumn location from around the world

The autumn season is one of my favorite season; it’s the time of year when nature beautifully paints the tree with golden & red color. The season when winters are approaching & days starts getting shorter. My first such experienced of autumn beauty was in St Petersburg, Russia, where every pictured I captured looked like a painting. The cold air and temperature around 4 degrees Celsius were hitting my face, but, still, the sunrays passing through those golden leaves were making the whole environment breathtaking. So here are some amazing pictures of Autumn from around the world, shared by...

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A Guide to ‘ Venice of North’: St Petersburg, Russia

Formerly known as Petrograd, St Petersburg is an Imperial capital of Russia. With over 5 million people, this city is a perfect blend of Russian Culture and European art. Nestled at the eastern tip of Baltic sea and Neva River, St Petersburg has 300 years of revolutionary history behind it. Founded and designed by Peter the Great, the city has everything to offer from grand museums to magnificent architecture. From beautiful river canals to mysterious white nights, St Petersburg will never fail to astound you with its sheer magnificence. St Petersburg has plenty of sites and endorses few hidden...

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24 Hours in India’s First Heritage City : Ahmedabad

A commercial hub of Gujarat State and 6th largest city in India, Ahmedabad prides itself for being the heartbeat of Western India and remains important among various eras. A bustling town with rich Mughal inheritance, Ahmedabad blends well with Modern and Ancient times and hence been awarded as India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City. Although it is not familiar among overseas travellers as they use Ahmedabad mostly as a stop-over destination, it certainly offers some amazing monuments, delicious food and warm hospitality, thus offering a quick getaway.   So here are some of the best places in Ahmedabad that offers...

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Taste of Caucus : A delightful Vegetarian dishes from Georgia

  Every country, every region offers its own varieties of food. Georgian cuisine for us was quite unique and taste buds satisfying. Being a cuisine rich with meat, it also offers lots of vegetarian options which are delicious and nutritious.   Georgian food is tasty, colorful and offers indeed a lot of variabilities. There are so many age old dishes that Georgia has which resorts with its neighboring countries as its amidst the ancient Silk Route. Georgians had an edge to choose the best among its neighbors but despite all the impacts, Georgian cuisine creates an impression globally.  ...

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