Nowadays budget airlines are bound up with several destinations, providing an easy gateway for travelers around the world. AirAsia is the largest airline in Malaysia with a fleet size of 221 connecting 96 destinations. AirAsia X is a subsidiary of Malaysian low-cost medium & the long haul operating airline and sister company of AirAsia. It was our second experience with AirAsia and here is what we found for the second time.

So our review is based on BOM-KUL-BOM Economy class by AirAsia X and PEN-KUL Economy class by AirAsia


AirAsia Review



We chose to use AirAsia’s booking engine to reserve our tickets. The website is simple, safe and secure to do the bookings. As any low-cost carrier, AirAsia provides an only seat and cabin luggage. However, you can pay for add-on services like Food, Extra Luggage, Seat selection, Inflight entertainment (was not on our flight), and Comfort Kit. These services are also available on board but may cost you little more than the online price.

There is also a mobile app available but we found it to be less user-friendly.


Self Check-in Kiosk

Self Check-in Kiosk

A small fee is charged on our preference seat through Web Check-in. Even if not picked any seat, airline allocates a seat number during counter check-in. There are Self Check-in Kiosk machines installed by AirAsia, which prints your boarding pass and baggage tags help in saving your time and energy. Even if you get confused at the airport, any AirAsia ground staff will be pleased to offer help.


Low-cost carriers somehow try to cleave to their time as it’s one of their major USP and AirAsia was very much punctual. Both the flights were on time, causing no delays. The flights may cause a delay if the weather conditions are rough or depending upon the air traffic congestion at airports.

Aircraft, Seating & Spacing

Tight seating, no leg space

Tight seating, no leg space

BOM-KUL-BOM sector was 5hrs journey operated by AirAsia X. Surprise to me the aircraft was wide-body Airbus A330-300. The flight looked much clean and comfortable from outside but gave a low-cost carrier feeling from inside as the standard seats were very tight and uncomfortable. There was not much leg room to spread or make moves to get comfortable. I would suggest carrying some entertainment option for this journey as it will be hard to get some good sleep.

The PEN-KUL sector was 1hr journey operated by AirAsia A320 Airbus. The flight was clean and comfortable for short haul.

Staff of AirAsia

AirAsia staff looked very professional and friendly. The ground staff was very helping and attentive. The flight Attendant & Stewards seem very well trained by the airline and follow their rules. The staff makes frequent checks and also makes sure to switch off the electronic devices strictly ( I like this discipline ).

Food & Beverages

As mentioned earlier, there are no free meals onboard. You either have to pre-book or pay for the same. Being vegetarian, we were left with only a few options which were not at all pleasing and bit pricey as well. There is no free water as well, so buying a small 250ml bottle will cost you around 2$.


Again as mentioned earlier, there were no entertainment options available in our booking. It is highly suggested to carry our own entertainment options, as the journey can be very uncomfortable for long-haul flights.


Air Asia is very cheap when it comes to the low-cost carrier. AirAsia could still turn out to be a big saver for single passengers, but somewhere we felt, as a family, it is not highly recommended. You surely will save some $$$$ but somehow you have to study well beforehand if AirAsia could be a better option for you.


Have you ever fly through Air Asia? What’s your opinion, do let us know in comment section.