We Are Hrishi & Anushka ,  couple who have a itchy feet, want to wander around the world, to explore some untraveled roads, and just  like others we also have a regular job which keep us moving on the road. Basically we are citizens of India but wanderers of the World.

“Our aim is to Travel the world in unique way, Get to experience some local & try out the best cuisine”

We don’t travel on a shoestring Budget nor do we aim for luxurious holidays, we love to travel more with less budget and proper planning.

What are we traveling for?

We plan to check mark, all the wonders of world, with maximum number of countries visa stamped on our passport.

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Why we started blogging?

Our trip to Russia was an inspiration to this blog, never did we thought that trip was something that will inspire us, our friends kept asking us how we explored ourselves without any package tour with language being barrier in Russia (since very few speak English), from there we started giving our friends some tips from our personal experience, which gave us a thought why not share our personal experience with others which might help them to travel with less hassle.

About our blog

This blog is to inspire those travelers who want to travel by their own without tour guide or tour package.

Tour Package is only constrained to certain option which might not help you get close to local and experience some exotic local cuisine

Many people is in a myth that travel requires lot of money, but we are here to help you decrease your cost of travel and help you with proper planning by sharing our own experience.

So don’t wait… just backpack and go…